EELS DB website in beta

After nearly one year of work, it’s our pleasure to announce that the new EELS database website goes beta. This has been possible thanks to our sponsors and thanks to the hard work of Phil Ewels.

If you could try using the site and make a note of any such bad behaviour, that would be fantastic. Specifically, we’d like to know if there are any bugs (stuff doesn’t work, breaks or doesn’t do what you expected it to) and any feature requests (changes which would make the site better for you).

Please e-mail these suggestions and corrections to Phil and myself at the same time and try to include as much detail as possible. Specifically, the URL of the page(s) involved and how urgent the problem / request is. If you can take a screenshot of the page that often helps a lot. If you’d prefer, we can add you to the Trello board where we’re keeping track of these.

Importantly – all site content will be wiped before we go live. So feel free to add as many spectra as you like, comment, edit, do as much as you like to try and break it!

Furthermore, the bibliography of the old database is not included yet and will be manually imported at the end the beta test. There is also an issue with some M edges of the old spectra which will be corrected once the website goes live. The accounts of the old contributors will be merged with their beta-test accounts at the end of the beta-test.

Luc Lajaunie